The Festival des Idées Paris, organized by the Université Sorbonne Paris Cité. For us young researchers, it proposed the opportunity to showcase our research in an original way. And so, I was invited to organize this exhibition. What better way to know what cities are like in terms of security than to consult directly with its inhabitants?

In a close collaboration with the Festival organizers, we created a call for participation for international amateur and professional photographers. The catch: the submitted photographs had to include a caption commenting on how they perceived issues of insecurity and violence in the depicted setting.

This experience not only allowed us to create a space to communicate with a general audience about state-of-the-art research, but also to connect and give the floor to other young researchers and explain what they have seen and done in this area, as well as to develop further on the use of photography as a tool for citymaking.

If you want to see the catalogue of the exhibition, you can download it here: