Project Description

Feedback on the problems linked to the feelings of insecurity in public spaces are diverse and sometimes contrasting. What may be a priority for one sector of the population is not taken into account by another sector.

With this in mind, we invited city dwellers from around the world to send us a photograph and a caption explaining their perception of insecurity in public spaces of the cities they live in.

We combined qualitative and quantitative tools to analyze the visual and textual content and produce a diagnosis of the main differences of fears and concerns for men and women.

This project aims to raise awareness and contribute to the discussion of urban affairs by highlighting the different security concerns of everyday life in public spaces related to gender.

This project consisted on a photo-voice exhibition, conferences in France and Germany, and publications for specialized and general audiences on gender and perception of insecurity in public spaces.


France, Germany


  • Festival des Idées Université Sorbonne Paris Cité
  • EP 7 (Paris)
  • Mélia Raymond
  • Camille Caud
  • Fernando Cerecer