We co-imagine and propose urban actors solutions to make cities more

and safe.

We co-imagine and propose urban actors solutions to make cities more

and safe.

We are an international consulting agency based in France specialized in public space analysis.

CITY CITÉ CIUDAD was born as a product of PhD research work at the Université de Paris and the Université d’Orléans.

Our mission: to help urban actors (townships, associations, urban developers, design agencies, etc.) make public spaces safe, inclusive, and humane.

At CITY CITÉ CIUDAD, making public spaces safe is much more than installing security cameras everywhere. It is about recognizing the needs of the most vulnerable and creating dignified spaces to improve social cohesion. Our approach takes into account the needs of vulnerable populations in
particular, such as women, children, the elderly, etc.

Users of public spaces are at the heart of our projects. Our activities integrate users’ input at different stages through participatory processes.

CITY CITÉ CIUDAD has received recognition for our innovative approaches, such as the PÉPITE Ile de France Award and the Fondation Palladio Award. Our work has also been shared worldwide by the Fondazione Feltrinelli, the Journal for Public Spaces, Oxford Urbanists, and Reflexions Immobilières.

How it works


The urban actor identifies a public space facing a problem such as:

  • Insecurity
  • Low social cohesion
  • Deteriorated environment


Together with the urban actor, we identify users, communities, and stakeholders involved, specific situations, expectations, and requirements.


Based on this information, we propose a custom-made action plan.

Our services

Together with local actors, we will carry out activities to understand the spatial and social dynamics of public space, such as:

  • Study of users and uses of a public square or street
  • Study of feelings of insecurity of vulnerable populations
  • Post-implementation evaluation
  • Security audit of a public space

We provide you and your team with support in projects aimed at improving everyday life in public spaces.

We provide you and your team with specialized training on state-of-the-art methodologies and topics on safe, inclusive, and humane public spaces, such as:

  • Participatory processes & public space
  • Methods of public space diagnosis
  • Perception of security, public spaces, and women
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
    …among others.

Sometimes a project requires more than surveys to understand users of a public space.

Together with you and your team, we create and carry out activities, such as:

  • Tactical urbanism
  • Video, photography, etc.

Do you want your team or your community to discover how city makers around the world make public spaces safe, inclusive, and humane? We propose conferences in English, Spanish, and French for experts and the general public.

Use cases

Problem: There have been attacks on female students around the campus of the University XYZ at night.

How can we help? We carry out observations of the physical environment around the campus, and do  exploratory walks with female students. We deliver a diagnosis report with strategies for the short, medium, and long term to improve security for female students.

Problem: An elected official contacts us because they recently remodelled a commercial street downtown but…it quickly deteriorated and people do not use it as expected, even with the presence of security cameras and benches.

How can we help? We carry out a study of fluxes, users, and uses of the space. We carry out qualitative and quantitative research involving the users to find out the reasons behind the sub-utilization of this space.

Problem: The township of XYZ wishes to remodel a square in a zone with high crime rates.

How can we help? We provide training, advice, and guidance on how to carry out participatory processes with vulnerable populations on the zone to promote social cohesion and crime prevention through citizen engagement.

Our team



Architect-urbanist, PhD in security and public spaces

CESSMA Laboratory
Université de Paris

Project management, analysis of public spaces and perception of insecurity



PhD in statistics

Université d’Orléans

Data analysis and design of statistical instruments

Our publications

Our work has been shared in publications and specialized forums on city making. Here is a selection of these contributions.

Our awards

Over the years, CITY CITÉ CIUDAD has received international recognition for innovation and excellence. Below is a list of some of the honors we have received.

  • Fondation Palladio 2018 & 2019 – Innovation in research : Award for innovative research on architecture and urbanism
  • INSPIRE-MSCA Horizon 2020 – Innovation in research : Award of excellence in doctoral training for international researchers of the Université de Paris
  • Prix PEPITE Ile de France 2020 – Social entrepreneurship : Award for outstanding projects of social entrepreneurship in Ile de France

Our successes

Our network

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